Digital Advertising Management

Does your business have any products or services you want to promote?

Find out how you can cost-effectively promote your products and services on 3 major advertising platforms.

It is our job to uncover opportunities and explain how they will make you money. Together we can come up with a digital marketing game plan that works for you.

Unlike many traditional forms of advertising, the results from your campaigns are recorded and you will know exactly how they’re performing.

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Questions & Answers

How Much Will it Cost?

With minimal overhead expenses, we don’t have to charge the same fees as competitors.

Before you spend a dollar, the evaluation and consultation meeting are absolutely free. During the meeting we will come up with a price-point that works for both parties.

How Much Do Pay-Per-Click Ads Cost?

It depends on many factors, but most businesses can expect to pay between $.50-$2.00/ad.

How Are The Advertising Results Recorded?

Results are recorded through tracking software (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.). Whether it’s on your website or a customer clicks your Facebook ad to call your company, you will know exactly how well your advertising is performing.